Enter the Dream

As I entered the womb of death

Suspended in a velvet black,

Time stood sill,


A spark akin my lovers touch propelled me

At quantum velocity

Through white dwarfs, pulsars, stars and spiral galaxies,

And delivered me on an azure dot,

A mystique singularity.

As I nose dived into the unknown past clouds with pastel shades,

I became a black winged albatross grazing the ocean waves.

I glided along the bursting foam

my shadow a dance in shape

Three comrades in harmony,

Wind, surf and self.

The aroma of sun,  salt and phosphorous,

Caressing my outstretched wings

Through a canvas mutation became

Sinew, sweat and speed.

A stallion I was piercing the morning breeze

With plumes of sirocco on my hooves

Power, grace and ease.

When I crossed dunes of sand and came to a flat beach,

My gallop gently became a strut

Then bare footsteps begin.

A man I was with an elegant stride,

Subtly balanced yet a prisoner of pride.

A distant fragrance allured me towards a forest of ancient trees

And miles I walked a rustic path while doe eyes watched

And blackbirds cooed in harmony.

Suddenly, like a charmers spell appeared from no where

A jutting wall of mountain range, snow clad still and bare.

In front of it was a prairie with a central tree of life

Laden with flowers of pristine white

She was the sierra’s angel child.

As I  entered the prairie,

Wild flowers greeted my steps.

Under the twilight sky

Suspended in a velvet light

Time stood still,


Tears flooded, pride dissolved and the dream lost its inhibition,

I sat beneath the tree, saw my ancient face

and touched liberation.


The four armed deity symbolizes the materials science of living matter, the master spoke gently. The conch shell in the upper left hand, used as an acoustic instrument, symbolizes mechanical oscillations; the spiral wheel of light in the upper right is an emblem for the science of electromagnetism; the mace held by the lower left hand symbolizes the association of matter with gravity; and the lotus on the lower right signifies the vitality that animates life. Our ancient investigators of reality, called this symbol Narayana …. which literally translates to :  The vessel (Ayana) that hosts perfect water (Nara).  Narayana symbolizes the union and balance of the four elemental expressions  as a holistic experiential reality, and is biologically defined by a unique self assembly of water  molecules in the body of the subject.

She must have noticed disbelief on my face. She was mixing modern science with some  tradition of idol worship! I struggled to hide my emotions. The fact that she was motionless and had a smile on her face added to my uneasiness.

Relax. This is just a model… Like. Every. Other. Model.

Yet this model is profound and thus powerful. Its logic becomes clear when you study it. Your body IS the potential for IT ~ a footprint of an evolution.

The scientific community understands mechanical energy, electromagnetism, and is beginning to understand gravity. Scientific theories are validated by experiments using instruments made out of metals and semiconductors which can detect perturbations in such energy fields and their interactions. Technology and engineering feats have been achieved by such knowledge. But for the vital field to be detected and measured accurately and gravity understood on a macro scale, the instruments have to be made out of carbon based macro-molecules and bound water. Your body IS that instrument. Feel your aliveness right now and you shall realize the truth in my words.

My face muscles relaxed. She was speaking a familiar diction and her request felt genuine to the core.

My hands tingled with a strange excitement as she embraced me in a volley of questions.

Have you ever looked patiently at rows of tulips opening up, beaming at the rays of the sun and tracking it as it sets, or during winter months the bare trees like neurons and dendrites reaching out to the sky with their branches and twigs, their life withdrawn deep within the roots? Have you carefully studied an orchid flowering along its spine, noticing its wings, arms legs head and heart? Did you study a leaf thoroughly before you embarked on your solar fuels research?

Please listen carefully, as what I say will help you in your life as it unfolds.

Each molecule of matter is an expression with signatures in the four energy fields, which in essence is a single unified field of consciousness. A molecule’s gravitational signature is its mass, electromagnetic signatures are the charge and spin states, acoustic signature is  vibrational states,  and then each molecule has a vital signature- that is yet to be detected by modern science.

The most miraculous material on the earth surface is ironically the most neglected. It is WATER. Pure water has an intrinsic character of resolving molecular or elemental vital signatures. Its relation to vitality is similar to that between vacuum and an isolated electron, or a single mechanical oscillation in a perfectly elastic medium. When pure water is doped with minuscule amounts of matter the other 3 field signatures are suppressed while the vital signature of matter unfolds within the water medium.

For all the technology that the human mind has created, water is a poison. You can test it by washing your cell phone. The entire industry that churns out engineering and technology and offers you the modern life, poisons water through release of toxins in rivers, lakes and oceans. This fact is screaming at you and the equation is a simple one. That which is poison for the machine is nectar for you.

If you acknowledge this first… you will invite a power that is metamorphic. Once you study and characterize the vital field using the scientific method, you will understand the unified field, and more importantly it will lead you to the study of mind- matter interactions.

We studied with joy and developed our art from a deep and clear understanding of nature. Through my actions, I realized God to be a verb – not a noun. Through my inquiry I found that mind is like a glue that can sequence and bind matter.

A psychological estimate and mathematical modelling of matter is an incomplete picture of reality. We developed a purely objective approach to study nature, and the mind was used as only an instrument to implement our sustainable projects that originated from those studies. The idea of imposing realizations on to others never arose. Like bees find flowers, those who sought guidance came to us – and learned.

Are you here to learn ?

Timeless moments passed in stillness and she spoke again, “I need help. Would you please support me in lying down.” I took her arm and slowly helped her get down from her cot and lay on the carpet of grass. Her body was frail and weak but her skin glowed  and her eyes were moist and crystal clear. She was always very elegant but I had never seen her so beautiful.

I looked up at the sky. It was surreal. The clear summer sky over the Aegean coast was studded with stars and the milky way was a distinct burst of pastel and rust.

I closed my eyes and remembered vividly, pulling out the pistil from a honeysuckle and tasting the nectar drop as a child, and my awe as I played with sparkling dewdrops on lotus leaves. Even as the dewdrops trickled along the leaf and melted into one large droplet, there was no greater fun than to slurp it off.

Something told me that she was dying. Tears flooded my eyes; it was a very unique feeling, as if I was not one person but two. I wanted to break down…. cry out loud and at the same time there was a part of me that was completely unmoved…still, relaxed. Her hair still felt like silk on my fingers and her face had a soft glow as she lay with her head on my lap. Her breath was very deep and relaxed.  She smiled and said, “A guide can only lead you to your tightrope of now. You have to walk it alone. There is place for only one.” She gently placed her hand on mine and said, “Before leaving I have a request. Will you keep it ?”

I nodded silently.

Know thyself first. Study your own body like a book. And then study the mind under the guidance of a master. Different energy forms are aspects of the same sacred consciousness as all the four arms of the deity are extensions of the one heart. Align the mind with the heart and energy shall be directed to love. Practice the art of pure listening and wisdom will be love’s foundation. Understand that words are illusive and hypnotic. Listen through the words. Learn to trace the thoughts that produced them and you will find their origin.  Know that models are psychological constructs to describe reality- they are not real. Also remember that if you knock, you will create a door. The door is already open. But there is a linen screen. If you are sharp you will destroy the screen; if you are dull you will get entangled. Move through it with gentleness and a relaxed spirit and you will be with the mystery of the real.

And now my dear if you place me inside detectors for vitality, you will find the fundamental particles that bind and animate life.

With these last words she gently left me in this dream.


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